I conduct cross-platform storytelling that bring fans closer to their favourite brands.


I'm a multidisciplinary Creative Director with 15+ years experience crafting and leading beautiful and meaningful projects for global brands.

I created Broken Dragons, a new-web project exploring the spectrum of human emotions through fashion and storytelling.

As co-founder of gamer health company BOOSTAT I'm deeply engaged in a wide range of initiatives, with a primary focus on cross platform storytelling through community engagement.


Since starting in November 2022, me and my brother have lauched weekly episodes of our podcast BOOSTAT, a podcast about life and gaming. With 10k+ monthly listeners we're more than grateful to make a lasting contribution to the community.


I've contributed as a speaker and panelist at conferences and public events, checking the boxes of personal favourites such as Gather Festival and Creative Mornings.

As a public speaker I've collected experience and confidence through appearences on Swedish national tv and public radio.

For over 15 years, I have been immersed in the world of design and creativity. My journey began as a motion designer, crafting animations for clients like clients like Google, Disney, and Netflix. Today I manage teams of over 35 people, crafting world leading projects for global brands.
I'm currently working as Creative Director/Head of Experiences at North Kingdom in Stockholm.

Please get in touch with me at felix@felixhill.com or connect on LinkedIn.