I've created digital experiences since 2009, working with global clients like Netflix, Google, HBO, Paypal, Lego and Warner Brothers. The core of my work is centred around creating innovative experiences, services and products that will play a meaningful role in people’s lives.

Based in Stockholm, I'm is also actively participating in nurturing the advancement of education programs at Hyper Island, the school which I graduated from after completing an internship at digital agency Firstborn in New York. Along the same line I've also contributed to various learning platforms like Project Of How, a library of creative methods to improve creative output, as well as global trend report Changes Of Tomorrow.

My previous work life experience involves a broad set of roles reaching from motion design to art direction and creative direction. I've built trustworthy relationships with clients from all over the world, and always aim to cultivate a working environment where all parts invloved feel encouraged to contribute with creative input.