A browser based one- or two player game built on the idea of bringing "Pong" into the 21 century.


Role: 3D Artist

Involvement: 3D and Animation.

Google Cube Slam is a browser based one- or two player game, built on the idea of bringing the classic video game "Pong" into the 21 century by adding WebRTC - a peer to peer video chat technology that let's users see a live video feed of the opponent while playing the game.

I was involved from an early stage, pitching on the project and exploring different ways on how to execute the requested experience. We went from a 3D setup to a 2D playing field with more character driven elements and a environment that's easier to relate to, Robert Lindström creating the final art direction.


Further on into the project I created assets for the game, worked on the script as well as an animatic for the trailer and composed stills of the animals -posing in separate scenes to illustrate the different aspects of the technology used. I modeled "Bob" the bear as well as a lot of other assets such as the retro computers, the jetpack and environments. Other assets such his animal friends and animations were created by my colleagues Mathias Lindgren and Daniel Wallström.

Watch this movie explaining the gameplay and telling a short back story of the characters inhibiting the world of Cube Slam! I was part of making this reality by working on the script, creating animatics and cutting the final version.

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