Redesigning the ReBrick platform -a home for fans to converse about fantastic LEGO creations.


Role: Art Director

Involvement: Concepting, Art Direction, Design and Animation.

"LEGO creations by users for users. In one place. Collected by you."

North Kingdom helped LEGO with a complete redesign of their ReBrick platform, a place for fans link and converse about builds from the community. In an extensive design process and a close collaboration with the fan community, we redesigned the complete platform in a way that was anchored in the community itself.

I played a leading part in project, both art directing the look and feel as well as setting up and handling workshops with both the client and the fans.


At an early stage we went with the conclusion that people's core visual relationship to LEGO is the concept of stacked bricks and the bricks’ proportions, to further ask ourselves -how can we utilise this in the design? It sparked the start of an interesting journey towards finding (somewhat!) accurate- and applicable solutions for implementing this into the design.