An online interactive music video experience for DJ Axwell's new track "Center of the Universe".


Role: Motion Designer

Involvement: Concepting, Design, and Motion Design.

A 24-hour challenge.

Together with Carlsberg, North Kingdom created an online interactive music video experience for DJ Axwell's (part of former trio Swedish House Maffia) new track "Center of the Universe".

I was asked to create a visual backdrop for the recordings of the actual party to be featured in the video, a dream come true (!) and great challenge due to tight deadlines. In 24h I created one longer and one shorter and more intense version to be used during the shoot. In the end I concluded that the simplified workflow I used helped a lot to achieve a high visual level and to keep the workload at a constant tempo. Rendering 3D takes time and on a tight schedule you need to be smart on how to keep the amount of hours down!


Here's a case video, summarizing the whole campaign:

I was also involved in the initial part of the project, pitching in different takes on the concept, working on early versions of the script and creating material for client presentations.

Screens from the working file, I basically just drew a lengthy spline and placed mograph objects along it to in the end animate a rotating camera, travelling from start to end of the spline: